"First Black president, and he the one who bombed us"

"First Black president, and he the one who bombed us"

Seeing Islamophobic videos like the one of stuart seldowitz harassing an Egyptian food truck worker surfacing at this particular time bothers me, because in reality all it does is shift the world's eyes to one individual and one instance that can easily be "dealt with" by firing them, imprisoning them, or taking any number of punitive actions against the individual. All it does is give the current politicians what they need to shift the blame to individuals or administrations rather than addressing the underlying systemic issue. It really just empowers them to uphold the fucked up system under the pretense that the prejudice or Ism stemmed only from that one individual's hatred and actions. A straw man, of sorts, that presents an opportunity to acquit themselves of the same charges.

It's exactly what is happening right now with Netanyahu's government. The western world will support and invest in fascist regimes so long as it's profitable to do so. Until the time comes - and you'll know when it comes - and then politicians, that you would have never expected to say a word of truth, will hold governments and individuals accountable. I mean do we really believe Macron is critical of Netanyahu's government?

Far easier to deal with a racist administration than to have to dismantle the illegal and morally objectionable, but profitable, system that created it. Make not mistake, Ben Gvir is a symptom, not the underlying condition.

And this isn't news to anyone. The younger world is growing more aware to the particular Ism against Muslims, Arabs, and Orientals and the systems in place that uphold that. But, while Islamophobia, Anti-Arabism, and the orientalist othering grounds on which they were instilled are unique, they are parallel to the struggles of other minorities in the western world. So fire your employee, impeach your president, lock up the murderer who killed George Floyd, and do your theatrics, but the truth remains, America, "if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror."

So as we ostracize stuart seldowitz over the next few weeks, don't lose sight of the main culprit. Don't fall for the "we just want peace" false narrative that has only serve to undermine struggles for freedom throughout history. CEASE FIRE is not enough. It's always END THE TYRANNY, STOP THE OPPRESSION -- From The River, To The Sea.